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We welcome you here.  

You are not an accident.  

You are more than a conqueror.  

Know that you are valuable.  

Your worth is beyond measure.

Survive Together

About Us

Women Surviving Domestic Violence is an outreach organization that specializes in addressing the issues of wounded and hurting women of all economical and ethical backgrounds. Our focus is to empower these women to achieve true joy and success through inspirational writings and self-help booklets. We have a performing arts group offering inspirational dance, poetry, and plays for visualization.

One of our main focuses is to return these emotionally wounded women back to society with "nothing missing and nothing broken." We will accomplish these goals by applying the biblical principles found in Proverbs 31 outlining the virtous woman. This proverb speaks to the woman as being industrious and having good work ethics; being good productive wives and mothers, her household is in order and financially blessed.  

We are available to offer our services to local churches and local women's organizations. With a combined medical experience of 50 years we will offer basic health screenings and referral services. We also have goals of expanding the program to have a dietician come in and evaluate our clients. Fitness, self-defense, and safety has always been an important part of our ministry. God wants us to keep our bodies whole.  

The co-founder, Sherry McFadden, has walked through domestic violence herself. Being a survivor of domestic abuse has brought her to the place of wanting to do whatever she can to assist those in this position. Her goal is to see them healthy and whole.

About Us

Upcoming Events

  • 4th Annual No More Drama
    Sat, Oct 24
    Local Entertainment Self Defense techniques Survivors share their stories from tears to Triumph Q&A Sesions


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